Katerina Alatzia is an established architect based in Mexico city since 2007. Katerina designs and directly manufactures interiors.

Born in the city of Cologne, Germany  Katerina showed an early interest in architecture and proceeded to graduate from the renowned RWTH Aachen, Germany with a degree in architectural engineering.  Katerina believes that function is as important as form; in order for the work to withstand the test of time, quality is paramount.


Established in Mexico City in 2007, Katerina’s factory is today among the most successful and respected for design and manufacturing in Mexico. 

The workshop has evolved from a small, local operation working primarily with wood to an established leader among peers for design, production and manufacturing in a wide range of materials from wood to solid surfaces, metals and polymers. 

Commissioned nationally and internationally, on behalf of both public and private entities, commercial and residential, from individual pieces of furniture to full refurbishment projects from design to delivery.


Having our own factory assures our customer quality, zero mistakes, punctuality and full accountability. Our commitment to a satisfied end client is mirrored by a clean, efficient and serene place of work. The vast majority of our Team have been with us from the start, a testament to continuity and passion for one’s work.